What are the benefits of using retractable towbars?

What are the benefits of using retractable towbars?

A retractable towbar is a type of towbar that is commonly used for the purpose of towing vehicles and it provides a wide range of benefits as compared to other normal towbars available in the market. One of the distinct quality of the retractable towbars is that it can be easily folded in the case it is not required to be used. These towbars have a compact construction and a special swivel mechanism due to which they can be conveniently used for all types of cars and even for those for which little space is available for towing purpose. Different types of towbars are also available for specific vehicles depending upon the requirements of different vehicles. However, a usual towbar consists of a vehicle-specific wiring system, which helps during the process of performing towing while there is also a mechanism with the help of which the towbar can be conveniently locked in its position or unlocked as per requirements.  

The retractable towbars provide a wide range of benefits as compared to their competitors, which have been discussed in subsequent sections in this article.

Ease of use

One of the major benefits of using retractable towbars is that they are user-friendly and does not require difficult manual work, which is usually applicable in case of other types of towbars. It can be readied for the purpose of towing in a short amount of time considering the fact that it can be kept behind the bumper of the vehicle. It is one of the major benefits because in this way, the towbar does not have to be stored at another place as it can be stored behind the bumper of the car due to which it is readily available whenever it is needed. Similarly, there is no need to dismount the towbar after using it because it can remain attached to the bumper of the car.  Another important benefit is that the towbars remain hidden due to which it does not affect the look of the car. 

Safety during the towing process

Safety is one of the major benefits provided by retractable towbars. They remain fixed with the car during the whole driving process because of significant strength and ensure that the car does not run into any problem during the whole process of towing. The results offered by retractable towbars are comparable as compared to high strength fixed towbars. The use of retractable towbars is recommended even for heavy carriers, trailers, and big vehicles considering the fact that they are able to support the weight of the vehicle without causing any problems. 


Over the course of time, retractable towbars have become available for almost all the vehicles that are being manufactured by different brands in the market. Similarly, vehicle-specific towbars can also be obtained, which can work with different vehicles depending upon the specific requirements under different circumstances. Therefore, this increases the overall convenience while at the same time provides highly appropriate results during the towing process. Get more info about what you need to know about towing safety here.